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World Autism Acceptance Day

This April, we recognize World Autism Acceptance Day! Though officially celebrated on April 2nd, the recognition spans the entire month of April. Individuals are invited to celebrate their family, friends, and peers that are impacted by autism by learning more about their day to day lives!


There are numerous resources available to help you better understand Autism and show your support for continued research.

  • K2Escape
  • Best Buddies
  • Project HOPE Foundation

Share Your Story

Storytelling bridges the gaps between communities, ensuring that our perspectives are not lost as time passes by. As technology improves each day, the impact of autism evolves in unique ways. This month, more than ever, is the perfect time to let your experiences be known.

Take time to let the world understand how Autism impacts the world. Whether you are a caretaker, are on the spectrum, or in education, share anecdotes of pivotal moments in your life through blogs, social media, or videos! Shed some light pieces of your life to inspire others.


Donate your time, talents, and treasure to a reputable charity in your community. Consider checking out some top Autism-focused nonprofits listed below.

  • Organization for Autism Research.
  • Autism Society of America.
  • The Autism Community in Action.
  • Autism Research Institute.
  • Autism Science Foundation.
  • Asperger/Autism Network.
  • Star Institute.
  • Autism Speaks.

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