About K2 Escape

K2 Escape, Inc. is a nonprofit organization offering programs to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Our Mission

To provide a variety of high quality programs and services that will assist, educate, empower, and/or employ children and adults with disabilities.

Our Vision

To enhance the lives of those we serve by maximizing their full potential.

Our History

K2 Escape was founded by Essie Johnson Trent in 2014 after she personally observed a lack of reliable and trustworthy special needs service providers in her new home state of Florida. Coming from Mobile, AL, she struggled to find dependable and high-quality care providers for her twin sons who are both on the Autism Spectrum. Realizing that many other special needs families must be grappling with the same plight, she dedicated herself to creating the necessary infrastructure and support. Thus, K2 Escape, named after her very own sons Kyle and Korey, was born! As our name suggests, K2 Escape seeks to give our consumers invaluable resources of time, patience, and compassion in order to allow them a loving ‘escape’ from their daily lives.

See What We’ve Been Up To

Let Us Enhance Your Life

K2 Escape staff members are passionate, patient, and above all professional! We are proud to announce that the majority of our employees have experience working in an educational settings with students and/or adults with disabilities. To ensure safety and efficiency, all of our staff members are carefully screened and diligently trained to provide the highest level of care possible. Our clients are always our #1 priority. We love learning about each consumers unique needs in order to give them the tools they require to succeed. K2 Escape looks forward to serving you and enhancing your life!!! 💚